Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Empowerment Retreat

Phew! I was so glad that it was finally over.

My friend and I co-chaired a service retreat as an alternative spring break, and I would say that our event went pretty successfully!

This was my first time organizing an event, and I felt extremely proud of both the process and the result. I think I did well and exceeded my expectations. I literally put all the free hours that I had to work on this retreat, and it was worth it (and tiring, but worth it).

However, as a full-time student and an intern and an individual who was looking for jobs, I knew that I couldn't put all my attention on organizing this retreat. But, I really did try my very best. Because of this, I set my result's expectation based on what I put in.

I didn't really care if the event ran perfectly or on time and what-not, but I just wanted everyone to learn and get something out of the retreat and feel that this retreat is worth their 1/3 spring break.

Thankfully, about 97% of the participants agreed that they learned something out of it and loved their experience while the 3% (1 person) didn't feel the same way; this is more than enough for me.

Here are my takeaways from organizing this retreat:
- I can't make EVERYBODY happy. If I ended up making the majority of the people happy, then it's completely okay and normal.
- As a co-chair, a family leader, and a participant—this role can be overwhelming. Therefore, it is really hard to make everything goes perfectly. So, just go with the flow.
- Flexibility is the key.
- Itinerary can't run perfectly when there are two parties/organizations involved. If this happens, try to communicate clearly to the other party so both are on the same page.
- Keep track/record of everything so the organization can improve in the future.
- Don't take criticism/suggestion personally. Ever. However, sometimes criticism/suggestion can't be applied all the time — so pick and choose which criticism and suggestion would work for the future and me, and which one is not, e.g. participants criticized something that was out of my control, so I couldn't really improve from it and when participants suggested something that was unclear that I couldn't understand what/how/why of the situation.

Also, this retreat is featured on The Northerner. Click HERE to read it.

Saturday, March 3, 2018


I feel really nervous right now. In the next 12+ hours or so, an event that my friend and I have worked really hard to plan for about 1 1/2 months is getting close.

My comfort zone is usually being a team player when it comes to an event, so this is out of my comfort zone: to organize a large-scale service event.

I don't really care if everything goes perfectly or not, but what I care the most is that I hope everyone enjoys their time and learn something from this! Aaaaaa this is so exciting to see that my hard work (along with my friend's hard work) finally comes true... :') 

1SE: February 2018

Honestly, last month was kind of difficult to me emotionally. I felt so drained than ever. I don't know if that's because of the weather or the fact that I graduate soon that adds my anxiety level or whatever else, but it was hard. Thus you can see in the video there was a lot of yoga or active stretch class involved and 'chill' day overall.