Monday, March 27, 2017

A Little Life Update

Gosh, I miss blogging so much. I keep promising myself that I will blog more, but somehow I never do it. 

My life has been good (and busy) so far. I learn more things about myself from good and "bad" experience that I've had such as the fact that I have so many things I have to grow or develop from myself, I need to loosen up and stop stressing about everything, I'm more emotional than the usual and need to control my feelings (feelings are ok as long as they don't control me and make me feel like I'm trapped), I love being loved and paid attention to, and I just need to keep doing what I want and believe in myself and gain more self-confidence.

So, here are my quick life updates:
  • I'm going to intern abroad at Guatemala (1 month) and study abroad at Costa Rica (1 1/2 month) this upcoming summer! I've been keeping this to myself except to only my closed ones because I'm afraid I'll jinx it. Until now, I honestly hope I made the right decisions because most scholarship announcement will be announced on April and I heavily depend on scholarships....
  • I have one more year and a month left in my undergraduate years! :O
  • I went to a silent retreat (picture below), and I plan to go to more silent retreats again.
  • My romantic relationship has been really good right now. He makes me so happy and treats me well.
  • My friendship relationship is so-so because I'm trying to adjust to new changes. 
  • I journal everyday.
  • I found out that my main hobbies are journaling (I collect cute notebooks for this reason!), painting, playing ukulele, and basically trying and learning new things.
  • I have another APO little, and she's absolutely the cutest! :)
  • I might watch my first musical on May with a very good friend of mine....yay!
  • I had the worst period cramp today, but I survived!
  • I watched my first basketball game until it finished at the Danbarry movie theatre with Katie. I found out I actually enjoy watching basketball games more than soccer or tennis.
  • I'm trying to be healthier, stronger, and fitter. I take yoga classes twice a week and a zumba/hip-hop classes at least once a week.
That's all! I will try to write more in here, so I can improve my writing skills (at one second, I forgot how to write a post, pfft). See you! :)

Monday, November 14, 2016

Dear Journal

I think it's kind of scary, or not scary actually, but it's kind of surprising when things that I pray everyday starts to come true. I don't doubt that God listens to me. It's just, when the moment finally happens, it feels like, "Does this actually happening to me?"

Everything starts to get better. Like, really, really better. And I'm in shock because I don't expect things to get actually better. I expect things to get better, but at the same time, I don't really expect it. From the past, whenever someone asked me how I was, it's either I answered them back "it's okay" or "haha, still trying..." that continues to "hopefully things get better..."

I found the timing to be funny though. I just found my inner Meredith-Grey-in-Season-12, which is someone who is not pleasant, and feel really comfortable to be one. I stop caring and go with the flow. I do this so I can give myself time to relax and not worry too much..

I think this half-way semester taught me that no matter how bad and unprepared I am, everything is actually going to be okay. I truly meant it when I said this. Everything is actually going to be okay...especially when I have a really great support system. I remember when my friend texted me to give support because he saw my tweet. Or when my friend drove back to campus from her house and then listened to me crying at the first floor of the University Center (crying in public? checked. LOL. At this point, crying in public when you're a college student is very normal). Or when all my friends and family were very patient dealing with me and listening to my stories.

I learned that the great life that I always want is never about my only success, but it's about my community and how we build each other to be stronger and support each other to the fullest.

And dear future Mary, if you ever read this post again and you feel everything is falling apart (again), please remember this:

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Aquarium Date

Went to Newport Aquarium with Cheyenne yesterday and I had so much fun. Mainly because I got too excited over little things, haha. My highlight is definitely when I saw the sharks. Ever since I watched The Shallows, I got into sharks so much. I just think they're the most misunderstood creatures because humans always thought sharks are killers and mean and cruel creatures. If you see this image under, it shows that there are total of 6 people who are killed by sharks in 2015. I know that 6 lives are still matter, but if you compare on how many sharks that are killed by humans, you would know that humans killed more sharks than sharks ever killed humans. It's sad. The Shallows shows how sharks get closer to the shore due to global warming and how invasive humans are with their habitat.

Anyway, this is the pictures from the Aquarium. I might upload more when I transferred the pictures from my phone.

Do you know that Lionfish are considered invasive? The reason why is because the more they eat, the bigger they are and they can basically eat anything they want--including the creatures that they're not supposed to eat too. That's why it's not okay to let go of these Lionfish to the ocean.
So if you ever get mad at someone, just send them this picture with a caption, "this is you." ;)