Sunday, October 22, 2017

Hap MerDan Day #1

Sometimes I wonder if he would stop expressing his love and feelings to me since we are already exclusive, but 4+ years later, he keeps doing these small things to make me happy: play me a serenade almost every night, shower me with compliments and motivation, express his feelings over and over again every time I ask, and be inspiring as always.

I'm very grateful. Things are not always easy and pretty, but I'm grateful that at least my life is filled with wonderful people with beautiful soul such as him.

Happy MerDan's day, and thank you for being such an awesome and wonderful and amazing and inspiring and cool-but-cute at the same time and goofy partner.

Here's to more MerDan's day celebration. :)

P.S: He made me a song (because I basically asked him to do it since my birthday lolz), and I love it so much. :')

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Ault Park Hike

I went on a hike on the afternoon at Ault Park with my best pal, Mackenzie. It was so, so, so relaxing. We had such quality conversations that range from how we view a healthy romantic relationship should be, the ethics of travel, westerners' perspective towards Buddha to how much Mackenzie loves the smell of dead leafs (LOL!). :) 

My love to Fall from close to nothing grew tremendously because this season is so perfect for hiking surrounded by the beautiful nature (and also not wearing a bra under my long-sleeves/sweaters — thanks to Mackenzie because she inspired me to be bra-less).

I have all the pics in HERE, but here are few of them:

Sunday, October 15, 2017

my thoughts on social media:

After a long consideration and many experiments of deactivating my social media, I have decided that I will no longer use my social media extensively and hopefully be deactivating them for good.

After deactivating my Instagram account for, I don't know how many times it has been, I realize that I don't really need it. And the platform brought more negative impacts to me than the positive ones. I could spend up to 30 minutes per day just to scroll around, following with feeling dissatisfied with myself and my life due to comparing my life with others. I don't blame the people since this is me who feels this way. It's just I have realized that the Instagram community is becoming unhealthy to me, my state of mind, and my mental health.

I have deactivated Path and no longer using Snapchat for years. I'm sure that I can manage this one too.

With Facebook, I have used it less and less overtime, which is a good thing. I don't think I will deactivate it forever, just because that's where I keep in contact with my family and old and new friends especially when I want to be away and pursue my non-formal education in the future. But I know that I won't use it extensively anymore like I used to. 

I am inspired by my boyfriend, who detaches himself from the social media (goes as far to deactivate his Instagram for good) and only uses it for his work-project purposes, and I can see how it allows him to focus on the actual important thing, feel the unknown of everybody's life, and have more intimate relationship with self and other people. It is healthy. I even had a glimpse of what it feels like throughout my experiment of deactivating and taking a break from my social media.

I still love expressing my ideas and thoughts and anything I want to the online platform along the offline platform as well (journaling is such therapeutic and I regret it that I stopped writing for 3 months). Instead of expressing my thoughts to Facebook, I will pour and write my story here, on my blog, like I used to. Instead of sharing my photos to Instagram, a platform that turns into creating a toxic perception that everyone-is-perfect-and-sociable, I will share my photos on the NatGeo's YourShot (click HERE to see my profile). I still love journaling, collecting memories, photographing, and this is why I still want to exist here, in this online world, but in a healthier way that I know how to.