Saturday, February 10, 2018


The one and the only thing that I want after my graduation is, honestly, an invisibility. I really can't wait to the day where I let go of social media. I don't know why I despise social media so much, but I think I just feel exhausted to see notifications, people's updates, and group's updates.

The reason why I don't publicize my blog so much — even though I like the thought of my content is published on the internet, permanently — is because I don't want attention and people to feel the need and desire to check my life's update. Comparision is a happiness' stealer; I don't want people to compare their life to mine.

However, it gets harder when it's not natural for me to speak my mind out loud in the midst of extroverted people. So, existing in the online world is a way for me to speak up, and the reason why I'm not completely off the grid (yet).

I'm almost being invisible though just by deactivating Instagram. And I want to state, even though I might not have those aesthetic pictures uploaded on my feed, I feel truly happy. I don't need to build up my online persona, and it feels so good. I feel more empowered when I get rid of the social burden that I have to prove that I'm happy, or as we say it  "pics or it didn't happen" to oblige us taking pictures every single time. I finally have an exposure to "live in the moment", and I plan to continue to live this way—which is why I'm hoping to let go of social media in the future.

Privacy is a really wonderful thing.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

1SE: January 2018

I finally finished recording 2-second every day last month!!! :) I purchased this app a few months ago but never got to complete recording for even a week. Haha!

Hopefully, I can do this every day this year because this is actually one of my 2018 resolutions! :) 

Also, just a heads up—this video contains 50% of my cats...

Thursday, January 18, 2018

I'm Feeling a Tad Sad

Two things that ended, but not necessarily ended permanently, this month:
1. My internship with a candy company that comes with a package of not meeting my manager and coworker on daily basis anymore.
2. I'm officially an early alum of APO. Pals, APO is basically the organization that breaks my shell and introduces me to SO many good people including my best pals. It's such an incredible group of people, and I'm very happy that I found a positive community during my freshman year.

Even though two things that mattered to me ended, at the same time, those things needed to be done.

I had to end my internship program with the candy company because they were looking for someone who could work a 40-hour a week. Luckily, I got a new internship position immediately after my last day at the previous internship. But the point is, even though it was hard for me to say goodbye and I still felt sentimental whenever I remember the memory I spent with the previous folks, I know that I will learn new things with this new experience.

Same thing with APO. I put all my hearts into this organization during my first three years of my college career. Last semester, I had to arrange my priorities and chose to focus on my internship instead. This semester, I had to be an early alum because of time commitment to my classes, internship, incoming a new part-time/internship position, and a retreat that I will chair with my friend.

Oh gosh, this last semester as an undergrad will be busy and possibly overwhelming and filled with many emotion—but, I will learn so much out of these experiences!!! 

My undergrad college career is coming to an end, pals... :')