Friday, January 5, 2018

Last Day at the Best Internship Place (yet)

 Today is my last day of work at my internship place, and I feel very sad to leave the company. :(

I received a thank-you card and many thank-yous and goodbyes and shake hands from the people in the department. I felt so appreciated and loved.

My manager bought me a vase of flower, and it was her own initiative. Ahh, I felt so loved. And I always wish that I will grow up and go to many places like her because she is one of my inspirations and the reason why I realized that: this world favors extroverts more, so us, introverts, out there really need to step it up because of our voice matters. Both of us are so similar in a way: introverts, empathetic, good listener, and have a background in Spanish and Economics.

My manager, the new intern, another coworker, Sharwari (my coworker/friend), and I had a really nice lunch at Miyoshi Restaurant. I never eat there before, but they have a really good Japanese food because it's the real Japanese Restaurant.

I feel so blessed receiving this wonderful internship opportunity and experience, and I hope I will never forget this experience and continue to pay-it-forward in the future.

And it seems my cat LOVES the flowers too. I had to keep the flowers out of his reach because this is MY flowers. ;)

Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 in Recap

I never have a recap of any year, which I regret that I didn't do it because I couldn't remember a lot from my past years. Documenting is so much fun and I want to remember everything. 

Here's what happened in no particular order because I am too lazy to keep them in order. But I will categorize them for my own organized-brain sake haha.

Overall, 2017 has been a really good year full of learning and experiences! :)

Campus Life and Academic Growth:
- Got out of my comfort zone and became a family leader and a group leader to three retreats/events: FreshStart, VictorGuide, Norse Leadership Fall Retreat.
Dallas is my little along with Kayla!
- Earned many study abroad scholarships that I'm very grateful of.
- My Spanish skills went better to the point I could comprehend when locals spoke to me and I could speak it. I didn't need to think very long anymore to speak my thoughts out.
- I finished my Economics seminar paper and presentation with a bang!!! Extremely proud of this! (Spoiler to my paper: food waste does increase the greenhouse gas emission and not good for the environment! so don't waste your food, peeps.)
- I learned Japanese and I fell in love with it. I was actually pretty good at it! :)
- Got the best family leaders partner EVER: Arnie Slaughter and Brandi Neal.

Professional Growth:
- I finally quit my 4+ years part-time!
- Applied to so many internships and got rejected so many times too...ended up with an internship position during my Fall 2017 semester at the most wonderful place I've ever worked this far. Bonus: they give out many free candies because it's a candy company.
- I met the best coworkers and manager that supervised me.
- I had a deficit budget this year. :(

Personal Growth:
- Put all my heart into my involvement in Spring 2017 semester, but I had to stay away from my involvement in Fall 2017 semester because I had to take care of myself and further my professional development.
- Learned to take care of my mental health and battled the negative stigma of counseling and medication. Counseling is really wonderful! 
- Had suicidal thoughts and was diagnosed with a severe depression which became the lowest stage of my mental health I've ever been. I took the proper solution by taking the prescribed medication, and this helped me to reach my full potential and be my true self. I never feel this genuinely happy and mentally stable until I took the medication. Found out that I actually had this condition called PHDD, where the depressive and overwhelming state came in a week before my period.
- I accept that failures are acceptable and completely okay. It's part of learning.
- Gained more confidence in public speaking. And, I did a funny skit and made everyone laughed.
- Embraced my silliness and that I'm an introvert--and this is okay even though this world rewards extroverts more.
- I procrastinated, but I improved my time management. I also came in late most of the time, which I needed to improve.
- I solo-traveled a lot! I went to many places in Guatemala and Costa Rica alone. I also went to Nicaragua with my other friend by a bus and opted out those touristy travel group lol.
- I learned to cook and cooked about 6 meals.

Relationship and Social:
I fought with two of my best pals, but we made up in the same month and became better friends since then.
- Started with a lot of fights with Dan, and we turned it to the most loving and healthies relationship we've ever been in.
- Went to silent retreat twice that gave me a profound relationship with God.
- I had more quality time with Dan and my wholesome pals.
- My housemates in Guatemala and Costa Rica were so awesome!!!

Hobbies and Events:
- Went to a lot of art museums and saw three musicals.
- Studied abroad in Guatemala where I hiked two volcanoes...with little experience (No more! Next time, I will make sure I train physically before I hike haha). One of the volcanoes is that I hiked the Acatenango volcano! So, so, so proud of this accomplishment.
- Found my way back into reading (check my Goodreads account HERE).
- I watched Regina Spektor's concert.
- I wrote a journal every day...until I got lazy on my last two weeks in Costa Rica, hahaha.
- Lived in the most beautiful house I've ever lived in, in Costa Rica. 
- I hiked at Red River Gorge and Ault Park.

Silly and Little Stuff:
- The existence of my cats this year: O'Malley and Bruce.
- I petsit some two cute but crazy doggos!!
- I sent a lot of postcards and painted about four paintings.
- I decided to stop using Instagram.
- I did my first senior photo shoot, and I felt very cute in them! :)
- I listened to "Christmas Harlem" on my last four minutes of 2017, hahaha.
- I spent my new year's eve reflecting on 2017 and writing 2018 expectations while O'Malley and Ella were laying on my bed.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Last Post of 2017

I just spent many hours organizing all folders on my desktop and my hard-disk, and it is still not 100% done yet... If I can go back to past time, I would make sure that I kept everything organized so the future-Mary wouldn't suffer to clean up past mess like right now.

Here are some photos that I found and never shared: