Friday, August 31, 2012

First Concert:Jason Mraz and Christina Perri

Guess what!!! :D I went to my first concert... whoop whoop! I know you all want to call me lame because never went to any concert before *blushing* but whatever guys..  :>

So on school days, Tuesday, August 28th, I went to Jason Mraz and Christina Perri 's concert with my brother. I got two free tickets from my brother's friend (and my friend too actually), she couldn't make it because she got some works to do. I remind you at first, these photos that I uploaded are not in the best quality, taken with my own phone because I didn't bring my camera pocket ( I don't have the good one to be exact ). 
I took this photo with my instagram :)
First off, Christina Perri started the concert. She was okay tho, I'm not really a big fans of her, I'm more into the handsome-good looking-awesome Jason Mraz *fangirl alert xD*.
I only know two songs of hers tho like: "Jar of Hearts" and "A Thousand Years" xD forgive me Perri's fans lol. When I was looking at the lawn (the one that people could sit on the grass, not the seat section) most of the people, like 95% of them were sitting, drinking, eating, and chatting. Only few people (including me and my bro) that were standing in front of the divider gate because we want to get a good view of the stage (at least a view that we actually could look into the stage and also the big screen). 

After she was done with her singing, all the audiences were waiting for Jason Mraz. It took around 30 minutes for him to come up. And when he came out...everybody like seriously everybody, was standing and cheering for him! I feel bad for Perri because no one really standing and cheering for her :/ but she was awesome tho :)

And guess what... Jason Mraz sang my first/second ( I can't really decide :p ) favorite song of his new album Love is a Four Letter Word which is... *drumroll, everybodeh!* Living in the Moment!!! 
Oh how I love this guy. :> I am gonna list some of his songs that he sing, but not all of them, because: 1. I didn't know the title :p , 2. I forgot to write it down xD. so here we go:
Living in the Moment
Make it Mine
Only Human
Fly Me to the Moon
The Woman I Love
A Beautiful Mess
Living in the Moment (again! :D)
You and I both
Distance (feat Christina Perri)
I Won't Give Up

I must tell you this, one of the reasons why I love his concert that night not just because of his good-looking and his songs but also because he is so funny!!! Like seriously, super funny! I can't write down his funny stories in here because if I tell you in my own words, it won't be funny anymore xDD 
All I can tell is, his concert was awesome!!! It was so worth it! If there's a concert of his again, I will definitely come again! :)

Jason Mraz and Christina Perri
Jason Mraz and Christina Perri

The concert was over around 11 PM.. There was a booth that sell shirt and stuff, but it was expensive for me... :( *le cry* I'm a high school student without a job (yet!) so that's why I couldn't afford it.. But next time, I promise myself I will buy myself a concert shirt! *big grin*

The concert was awesome and I still happy every time I think about it.. :))
Thank you Jason Mraz, for an awesome night and awesome concert, you don't know how much I love you right now lol! 


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