Thursday, August 2, 2012

July Movies

I decided to post about what movies I have watched in a month with a little bit of my (unimportant) opinion, because I love to watch movies very much! (not as much like my brother tho)

Japan dramas/movies:

-  Hana Kimi SP
    Not as much as I was expected tho, but I think it was pretty entertaining for me.

-  Zettai Kareshi
    I love it!! The ending was so sad :(

-  Zettai Kareshi SP
   Ah! I wish I don't watch it because... it was SUPER sad than the dramas! for you who love to watch love dramas & movie with a sad ending, Zettai Kareshi is a must! :)

-  (rewatch) Nobuta wo Produce
    It was a good drama about friendship, I think it's cute :)

-  I Love My Younger Sister (movie)
    I know that Matsumoto Jun (my future boyfriend lol) played in here... but I can't lie that I did not enjoy the movie. It was super boring for me :( 

Western Movies ( these are all I can remember ) : 

-  To Save a Life
    A movie about school life (bullying and stuff), it has a good story in this movie. :)

-  Gone
    I'm not a big fans of thriller movie but I must say... Amanda Seyfried is aaaawesome in here! 

-  Listen to Your Heart
    I like the story, I think it was unique, it was about a guy who fell in love with a deaf girl. :)

-  The Vow
    The movie has a really great story behind it but I think the way they put the ending of this movie...uhm, I just can say that I don't really like the ending. I wish they put a better way of the ending :/ 

-  Lockout
-  Safe House

-  No Greater Love

-  The Flowers of War
    I'm not into a war movie but I can't lie, this is a good asian war movie! 

Western TV Show / Serials :

-  So You Think You Can Dance
    Duh!! xD I've been watching this dance TV show since season 4 in Indonesia. And now... I can vote it by my own cellphone and watch it LIVE at my own TV !!! :D 

-  True Blood.
    I have no idea why I love to watch these serials even it is about fictional thing that I'm not really into it, such as: vampires, werewolves, witches, shaman, fairy, etc ( I know what you were thinking ) . But it is really entertaining!!! I can't help it! xD

That's it, welcome August! ( I am so gonna watch more movies than these )


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