Monday, September 17, 2012

Another Fine Sunday.

So, on sunday i went to church. I thought it was gonna be cold outside but I was wrong.. and I already wear my long sleeve shirt and legging.

Because it wasn't that cold, I changed my outfit after church.. then I grabbed Pistachio Almond Mint ice cream 's Baskin Robbins at Dunkin' Donuts.. 
nyum! :)

Then my mom and I went to Tante (indonesian word for "aunty") Mei Mei in Cincinnati, Ohio. I made these crazy videos while on the way... Hehehehe :D
(There are 3 videos actually but I couldn't upload it because this laptop won't do it for me.)

me try to sound like a monkey

A photo of  Tante Mei Mei daughter, Mei Lee. :)
Mei Lee

(P.S : I seriously need a new laptop, my mom's laptop is always pissing me off because of its slowness to load.. :/ )

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