Sunday, September 16, 2012

Art Project 2: 3D Paper Sculpture

For my second art project, I have to make 3D paper sculpture. For that second, I know that I'll fail this project...
So all students did the practice with the usual paper and then after that, if the teacher "okay" it, we could do it in the good paper. We did this for around 2 weeks! because it is really that hard, maybe it seems easy, but it is hard! This is probably my first and last 3D paper sculpture that I've done.

First of all, I wanna make a cupcake. But on the day before the due day, I just need to make the top icing part and I couldn't! :( So I change it to make a cake instead, as you can see, a cake with (seems like) a heart on it.

At the end, all students suppose to grade our project by ourselves and then my teacher will take a look at it, and call our name if he thinks he needs to raised it or make it lower.
I graded myself 83... then my teacher called my name and then he said I got 92 instead because of my effort and he knew how hard it is! xD
So yeah, I'm pretty happy with it! (but still, this is probably my first and last time I make 3D paper sculpture)


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