Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Opinion of Hunger Games Movie

So on Thursday ( Sept, 13th ) my bro and I watched Hunger Games DVD for the first time!
I was excited at first because I LOVE Hunger Games Trilogy Books so much! and I also wondered about this movie because a lot of people actually love it

but it turns out....

It was a big disappointment for me! The movie skips a lot of important details, it feels like it moves so fast and I was like "...wait? where the heck is this part and that part?!" :(
but on the other hand, there are some parts that were not in the book. Like a part when Crane has to eat the nightlock at the end, more parts of President Snow ( the first book didn't really tell us about President Snow ), when district 11 go crazy after Rue died, etc. I love the characters also, it suits what I imagine what would they look like.

BUT! the big disappointment of this movie are parts when:
1. They did not really show how close Katnisss & Rue are. It did not show how Katniss thought Rue is like her own little sister either. And a part when Rue told Katniss about nightlock and natural medicine, the movie just shows Katniss knew it by herself.

2.  Katniss & Peeta!!! For seriously, maybe this is just ME but.. I don't really see chemistry between them in the movie, there are a lot of chemistry between them in the book. Like how Peeta seems to fell for her so much but Katniss didn't want to involve in any relationship and not easy to trust people (sounds like me lol). It feels I just want them to be together for real or make Peeta as my boyfriend (ehm) when I read the book, but when I watch it, it just seems like... normal. and it can't be just normal for me.

3. The ending! It was little bit flat.. not like the book.

4. Where is the part when Peeta's father came to Katniss to gave her cookies on the train? and maybe this is just me who not pay attention really well, but did the movie shows Peeta's mother mad at Peeta because of the bread that he gave to Katniss when it was raining?

5. I don't really feel Haymitch & Katniss chemistry in the movie... in the book, they were kinda "close". well sort of. It because their personalities were kinda similar.

6. Where's the gift bread from district 11 after Rue died? :/

I actually could list a lot of parts that I wish they put in the movie.. but oh well, for me the book is way so much better than the movie! :) but the movie was okay tho. just okay.

This is just my opinion, don't hate me because of this lol :) What do you think?

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