Monday, September 17, 2012

Orange Leaf & Asian Buffet with Friends.

On not my lucky day ever, which is Monday and actually ended up to be a pretty good day; my friends (Genesis & Sarah) and I hang out after school. Thank God, Genesis already got her license; this is one of those signs that I have to learn how to drive and get my driving license! 

I went to Orange Leaf for the first time and I love it! I'll definitely gonna come to that place again!

mine is on the right side

After that, because my friends were so hungry (and I'm not that hungry), we went to Asian Buffet. I just eat cakes and ice cream. I must tell you, people, that bring me to a buffet is not a good idea, because I don't eat a lot except sweets! (or if there's italian buffet invented)

 Thanks to these girls for a great time!

from left to right: me, Sarah, Genesis.

from left to right: Sarah, Genesis, me.

P.S: I just practice for job interview tomorrow with my mother! Wish me luck! :) *finger-crossed*

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