Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Photos: Batik + Cincinnati

I was done doing this post and resizing my photos at around 3:30 AM, huft! It took so long to do it because of my mom's laptop loves being as fast as a snail. I just got home at midnight from Andor's house after hang out with my Indonesian friends in here.. (most of them are college students or already graduate tho ; as fas as I know, none of Indonesian in my age that could speak Indonesian here.. *insert a sad face*)
I've been so busy in this week lately.. The only day that I wasn't really busy was Friday night but somehow I got this bad mood feeling and all I did on Friday night just took a long nap ( what I like to do when I'm upset ) and watched America's Next Top Model & This Means War.. :)

Anyway, my mom and I took pictures of each other on last sunday, in Cincinnati. We just wanted to take pictures of the beautiful leaves of fall season with us in front of it and also wanted to take fresh air. I wore batik that day! Yeayy! :)
*I just got time (or force myself to be exact lol ) to upload it and post it now.*

I hope you all don't mind with my faces in these photos hehehehe.. :D


khalid said...

Weh, warna pohonny cantik. tapi masih kalah cantik sama cewek yg lg berdiri disitu.

kenalan yuk :)

Mary Andrikus said...

Thank you! :)