Monday, October 8, 2012

France Middfest

From Friday night to Saturday, I spent my days in Middletown, Ohio for an event, France Middletown Festival. I’d be a volunteer to help stage crew in the festival. I did this because for fun and also because I need points for volunteer service for NHS club that I’d joined at school. It was a tired day, yet fun!
I have to warn you that this post is gonna be little bit longer because of photos. ;)

I helped the stage crew and performers, even it was really cold outside, Sabrina and I became helpers for stage crews. Among other performers, “Different Hats Jazz Bands” is one of my favorite! :)

Different Hats Jazz Band

Different Hats Jazz Band

bought her CD and asked her sign

Lizi Hayes
Isn't she gorgeous?


I met Indonesian dancers from Chicago, they were going to perform and I helped them.

Balinese Dancers

There was a traditional music instrument called “angklung” that made from bamboos. I remember that I used to play it when I was in my middle school.

I didn’t really talked to them very much but I talked to this one nice lady! :) She was a Balinese dancer and a MC ( the one that talked in front of the stage ) when Indonesian dancers performed ( I envy her courage hehehe :p )
Courtesy of Ria Ellison

Well at least we all took a picture! :D
Courtesy of Ria Ellison


I took a picture with this nice guy! Hehe I wish I could watch his show at that time at different stage, too bad I couldn’t go anywhere because I had to help around, but it’s alright! :)

…and this group called Cabaret Paree! If I brought money at that time, I would definitely buy their CD! Oh well, maybe next time. Btw this lady in the photo is so lovely! :) 
Cabaret Paree


Merchandisers and stuffs!

I love it!


vintage posters
one of my favorite vintage posters

Yeay for art!

paintings by children
my favorite dresses

me and my bro


Things that I get:
1. France Middfest pin, this is like a pass card actually, I think only volunteers and performers who could have it (yeay!)
2. Bracelet that I get from answering quiz in France Museum.
3. Some brochures.
4. Different Hats Jazz CD music.
5. Lizi Hayes' sign.


P.S: I have a video of my drunk brother on Friday night, but I bet he will kill me if he found out if I upload it.. xD


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