Monday, October 1, 2012

Art Project 3: Photorealism Collage.

For my third art project, I had to make photorealism collage from magazines' papers. It was my first time to do this. I finished it for around 2 weeks.

I finished this on friday and got 94 for it (yeay!) but my teacher said I need to work on it on the cone part.

collage by Mary Andrikus

So I did it! and this is the final result.. I got one points up, which means I got 95 (my teacher gave me only a point different from my first grade :P ).

collage by Mary Andrikus

It looks easy but it's not at all, trust me! ;)


Btw I want to thank you to my one of my closest friend ever, for sent me an email this morning, I haven't heard anything from you for 52 days.. Just to let you know, it means a lot and made my morning. :)

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