Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekly Post of October (2)

I told you before that this week would be pretty busy for me (not too busy, but little bit), so here is what had been going on in this week..

Photos of the week: 1. My cat couldn't stop moving || 2. Spaghetti! || 3. Brownies, fuzzy sandals, movie day. || 4. I wore "Barong" shirt that day (shirt from Bali). || 5. What I need that day: Fried Banana (Pisang Goreng). || 6. Cookies & Movie Friday Night. || 7. Leaves on Fall season. || 8. How my cat sleeps :3 || 9. Bought a CD of Spanish guitarist and he signed it! (he performed in a Library)
(some photos are from my instagram)

TV Show(s)/Movie(s) that I watched this week:
TV Show: America's Next Top Model.
Movies: This Means War, Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (with Indonesian friends), and the Artist.

What happened this week:
1. Good report card.
2. Got my first job and did well for my first day today! :)
3. Got spanish name in my class: MarĂ­a.
4. Bad day on Friday that rarely happen to me..
5. Been working on clay for my art project.
6. Currently reading "the Lucky One", I thought I could finish it this week but I don't have enough time to read. :(
7. Made into bowling team.. :))
8. FIeld trip to NKU with Grace Kelly Girls.
9. Tiring week.
10. Hang out with Indo friends on Saturday night.

Music(s) of the week:
Feel Again by One Republic. Uwuuwuuu~ :))

Btw I was considering to make pinterest account, make it or no?

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