Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weekly Post of October (3)

Aaaah! Late post for my last week's post. I felt so busy for last week. Didn't have a chance at all to use my mom's laptop and such..

What I have been done:
Monday: There is a quick meeting for Fashion Club. Actually this day is the only day I don't really have something to do (not include: homework and school assignments)
Tuesday: I have Grace Kelly meeting after school. My sister and I (not biologically sister) decorated a pumpkin! with other Grace Kelly big sister and little sister, of course. At 7 PM, Sitora and I went to the soccer game until 8:30 PM. Boone soccer won it! :D
Wednesday: Bowling practice after school. That's right, I did bowling club!!! Yippie! But I hope my coach wil be okay with my work schedule and my other clubs schedule..
Thursday: Quick meeting for Fashion Club after school and went to work! From 5 PM until 9:45 PM. After that, I gotta do my homeworks. I was so tired but I am totally fine with it.. :)
Friday: I suppose to watch football game with other Grace Kelly girls, but it was so cold and it was raining at that day.. Since I can't survive in cold weather, I decided not to go, because I know I wouldn't enjoy the game with the weather like that.. So this day actually my relaxing day! Long nap, ANTM, brownies time, game time, read a book, and movie time!
Saturday: Gotta work work work!
Sunday: Work again! :)

1. My little sister's pumpkin that is way better than mine. || 2. My pumpkin. || 3. My pumpkin in the other side. || 4. Me and Sitora and the game. || 5. wear my Grace Kelly shirt! || 6. Cutieeee :3 || 7. left to right: Veronica, Maria, Catalina (our spanish name) || 8. Brownies. || 9/ My happy face when I see Pocky.

TV show/movie of the week:
TV show: America's Next Top Model.
Movie: Marvel's the Avengers (I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I have "love-stark" (from the word "love-struck") because of this movie xD ), the Lucky One.

Btw I just finished reading the Lucky One.. read my review here. I like the book anyway and I think the movie is okay even if it's too simple for me (like "the Last Song" movie), but it's alright.

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