Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekly Post of October

I decided to make a weekly post inspired by her blog, so let's start! :)

Some of these photos are from my instagram.

Photos of the week: 1. bought some jar candles || 2. my bro brought me some donuts, highlight of Thursday! || 3. bowling Thursday night from 9.30 PM-11.00 PM || 4. just finished reading "Girl Overboard" book. || 5. my cat was being spoiled when I was reading "the Lucky One" :3 || 6. postcards from my dad|| 7. side of a room || 8. Siria's birthday gift || 9. Pancake for breakfast.

TV shows/movies that I watched this week:
TV show: Pretty Little Liars season 1, Grey's Anatomy season 2 (in youtube) and season 5, re-watch Glee season 3, Desperate Housewife season 8.

What made me excited this week:
1. Jar candles! I bought three jar candles, two for me and one for my friend's gift. I just used the vanilla jar candle and it smell like a cake... :D (which makes me hungry.. duh!)
2. 4 days weekend! (Friday thru Monday)
3. "The Lucky One" book.
4. watched a lot of TV shows. (yeah!)

Blog of the week:
I read a lot of blogs lately.. but I'm gonna choose my favorite one!
hot chocolate and mint by Diana Rikasari - I always and always love her blog! She just visited Paris last week, you could check out her blog to see her photos! :)

Song of the week:
I can't really remember what songs that I can't stop listen to for this week, because it was a I will take a take a note next time for every songs that is really catchy and it just fit to my "song of the week" theme. but for right now, "song of the day" (Sunday) to be exact is...
Survivor/I will survive - Glee Cast. Mercedes and Santana killed this song! :D (the quality of the video not in the best quality, but you could still watch it)

that's a wrap!

and I bet next week will be kinda busy for me because of school stuffs.. but we'll see. :)


Angela said...

mmm// tasty))
nice photos!

Angela Donava

sugahpuff said...

Hey, loving your shots here. :D

Mary Andrikus said...

Yeay, thanks! :D