Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A & B Conversation.

I overheard two people were talking in my fourth block, let's call them A & B.

A: I want to tell you my dark secret...
B: Whaaat??
A: I'm not seeing someone for a long time... I feel so weird.
B: What?! It's only one week right after you broke up with your ex?
A: No! It's been 3 weeks! I feel like forever alone!
B: ..... I've been single for 2 years.
A: When was your last time you had relationship?
B: It was in freshmen year. I had relationship once, it's not even a relationship, it was only last 1 month 4 days, he dumped me because he knew I liked someone else. I like two people at the same time.
A: HAHAHAHA you're a player!

and this B person kept talking about her pathetic (which A found is funny) relationship back then.

B: I thought you are kinda person who don't like relationship that much.
A: You thought I am?
B: Yes, I thought you are. I don't like relationship. It's messy.
A: You mean complicated? You mean relationship is complicated?
B: Yes it is. It also hurts people feelings.

and then I forgot what they were talking about after that. I'm sorry for not remembering their conversation, I gotta pay attention in my class, yo! :p


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