Sunday, November 18, 2012

It's Always You.

On Saturday Nov 17th, I waited for your reply for a whole day. Because I couldn't do anything if I don't know what was gonna happen between us, either you still accept me as your bestfriend even if I was being a jerk to everyone or you just simply hate me. After you replied my twitter message and we talked for awhile (with me being misunderstood to you), I asked you to set your skype to online. Then we had voice call for about 6 half hours. After stuff I've been through, you still be there and still accept me, even if you don't really like the way I changed and more prefer who I was,  but you still accept me and still want to be my bestfriend. Thank you, my #1 guy best friend! :) I can't say how happy and thankful I am because of you. Thank you.. :)

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