Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Happy + Peaceful Equation.

On saturday, before my work time at 3 PM, I went to Starbucks in one of the coolest bookstore ever, Barnes & Nobles (if you are a geek or a book lover, you will see this bookstore as almost as a heaven!).
I need a chill time, you know? :)
I ordered Hot Peppermint Mocha because of my favorite vlogger's recomendation and I love it! I read a book, Paris in Love, there while listening to whole album of Grey's Anatomy soundtrack 1. There were mom and daughter that sit next to me, they spoke japanese, it sounded so cool. Then, they went away and came a couple who sit next to me, they spoke spanish. Since I am a huge fans of spanish language, it seriously sounded so cool to me.. (Spanish + Japanese are my top language I wanna learn!)
I wonder if I speak Indonesian, do people around me think it's a cool language also?
I made an equation btw!...
Good Starbucks beverage + good book + cozy place + good music + interesting people around you + cozy situation = happy + peaceful.. :) (It's a long equation, but it's better than math, eh?)

If you guys wonder, I list all the Grey's Anatomy soundtrack that I heard that time.. They are all good songs! :)

After that, I went to work for 7 hours. It's a holiday season, people. :)

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