Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekly Post of Oct-Nov

It's monday today and I don't have school for tomorrow because of election day in here. I am sixteen, so I can't vote.. This week was still the same busy week (not that busy tho). I can't really remember each things that happened for this week. I did trick o' treat for halloween. I worked. I was upset because of my friend. I promised myself for not going to be a quitter no matter how and what (say amen!). I spent my entire check to buy a red cape and ended up for not using it because it was too cold outside, so I learn something for that, not to be a spender for things that I don't really need.
October was over and say hello to November. I found myself for thinking too much. Nervous about this stuff and that stuff. Nervous about November 16th when I have to present an article in front of class; I'm not usually nervous about presenting in front of people, it just feels so long that I haven't done it and this time I have to speak english, which makes me more nervous about it. Nervous if I could not get enough money of donation for fundraising for my bowling club. Nervous about stuff that I won't post here. And a lot of stuff happened. I hope it will end up well. I hope I'll get better each day. I hope I will be more confidence about myself... :)

Anyway, here's the weekly photos!
Photos of the week: 1. my trick o' treat candies. || 2. Bumble bee and Ninja. || 3. The ironic of these books that I found funny. || 4. Bought a new case with a great deal.

My favorite posts:
A Picture Hour by Valentina Durancinsky. 
I'm Engaged by Olivia.
I Cheated On You But I Don't Want People Know That I'm A Bastard by sugahpuff. 

Movies/tv shows that I watched this week:
Tv show(s):
- America's Next Top Model (of course!)
- How I Met Your Mother season 3 disc 1.
- Pretty Little Liars season 1. (I finally fnished it and wanted to watch more and morrre!)
- One for the Money.
- What to Expect When You're Expecting

What I read this week:
I read a manga of "Socrates in Love" (by Kyoichi Katayama) and I am currently reading "Paris in Love" (by Eloisa James).

Music of the week:
I can't really remember what I listened to all week, but I'm gonna choose one which is "Don't Wake Me Up by Chris Brown".

Btw I'm really excited for my clay and text drawing project in my art class! and also for my job! and also for bowling! I wish I could get enough money of donation for the fundraising.. :)

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