Saturday, December 29, 2012

Art Project 6: Word Drawing of Tyra Banks

I finished this word drawing for a week. This is a new thing for me. So basically, it's pretty much the same with shading, but you use "words" as the shades. I never done it before, I think it was kinda frustrating because I'm confused how should I write it and such. I don't really like this drawing of mine tho, but I still feel relieved because at least I finished this hehe..
In case you're wondering why I wanna draw Tyra, it just because I admire her THAT much, she's my role model and she's such an inspiration for me. :)
I use all Tyra's own words to draw her, such as: smize, Tyty, Flawsome, fierce, etc. 

Btw did I mention that one time Tyra retweeted my tweet back May and also she tweeted in Indonesian for "good night"? :D

P.S: I used my twitter name @meraawr and used different avatar on May 2012, but I just printscreen the tweet on December 2012 when I already change my username and my avatar.

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