Monday, December 31, 2012

It's Snowing! ❄⛄

Okay I know it was a really (kinda) late post, but I'm seriously really excited when it snows! :D
It starts right the day after christmas, so basically I don't have my white christmas, I think the weather just hates me.. Did I tell you that I made a keek account? Check it out, I publish a video about how excited I am about the snow (eventho it was after christmas).
Christmas 2012 for me basically like a normal day. Like seriously. It felt like a normal day. Eventho it was my mom's birthday also. But the unexpected thing is, I got some unexpected christmas gifts. It wasn't a lot, but I'm still grateful for it. :) My mom gave me a book + comfy cozy slippers that made my feet warmer (I really want this so bad since it was so cold outside!!), my mom's boss gave a AERO hoodie which I like it so much! My bro's friend gave me 2 frame of his black & white photos, he said to give me motivation to take pictures in black & white, my managers gave me christmas cards - lots of candies - $5 gift card, my Indonesian friend gave me 2 keychains (I take that as a gift eventho it's not christmas gift :p ), and don't forget Nutcracker Ballet free ticket! :)

Btw, I found this cute adorable dog outside, I thought he was lost ( I was gonna keep him, I swear :p ) but his owner came out and took him. It was hard to take a picture of the face, this dog just kept running around when I hold my camera...he's a camera shy, I guess. ;)

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Raihan Fuad said...

OMG Mary!

You look very much like Isabelle Fuhrman in the Orphan :O

Anyway happy new year and peace out! :D