Saturday, December 22, 2012

Nutcracker Cincinnati Ballet.

So I went to Nutcracker Ballet for free with Grace Kelly Girls (some kinda club in my school) on Thursday Night (Dec 21st, 2012). The performance were so beautiful and so elegant. Actually, this is my first experience to watch ballet performance directly.. After I watched the performance, I suddenly wanna watch Nutcracker of Barbie version again and want to own a nutcracker. If there's an opportunity to watch it for free again next year, I'd love to go again. But too bad, take pictures/record a video during performance was not allowed so I didn't bring my camera. We all took pictures as a group, but my friend didn't upload it yet.. ( If she does, I'll probably will update this post )

Btw here's a mini Nutcracker christmas ornament that Claire gave to all of us! ( I got 2 candies too, but of course I ate them when I got it :)) )

I found a video about this ballet performance, btw.

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