Saturday, December 22, 2012

When I Gave Up..

Have you ever regret something that you didn't do it because you simply just give up? I did. It was one time, on summer, I gave up for something that I love to do, I gave up just because I didn't feel confident that time.. I don't usually give up on something especially because of lack of confidence. It's embrassing to tell people that I gave up, but yeah, I did. 
And like most people, I still have that regret feeling until now. I wish I can turn back the time and just do it. But I promise myself, I will do it on next summer and will not give up again. Because give up is one of the stupidest thing I've ever done and it's killing me. :/ ( I won't write that someting I wanna do, unless I already did it, just incase I become a chicken again ).

Btw based on that experience, I change my photo class for second semester, to pre-cal. I know for myself that I rather take photos than do math. But I also know that pre-cal class is more important than photo class, since I'm still considering to take AP calculus for my senior year. I wish this is not a bad idea and I wish I won't regret it later. My second semester will be crazy & need more works tho because I will have: English 3 Honors,  Spanish 2, U.S History, and Pre-Cal Honors. Wish me luck and everything! :)

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