Saturday, January 26, 2013

Indiana-Indianapolis Trip Day 1

I went to Indiana & Indianapolis for 3 days with my family, it was a short trip. On first day, I went skiing in Perfect North Slopes, Indiana. It was my first time skiing! I fell like two times or three at first, I was actually fell on someone and I still feel bad about it, but after that I didn't fall on anything/anyone anymore *fiuh*. At the end, I kinda  "mastered" it, at least I know  how to turn left & right and stop. So it's a good thing. I definitely wanna go skiing again! (I was better than my family btw :p )

After 3 hours skiing, we went out to get some lunch at KFC. My parents and my brother got the buffet KFC (that's right, there's a buffet KFC in here), I just get the regular one since I'm not a buffet person.
Then we went back, since we bought the 8 hours ticket, we went for...snow tubing! It was like waterboom but on snow! I was crazy, like real crazy. At my last snow tubing I went for the highest one, it's the one that called "super" lane (the level of the lanes: regular, express, super). When it was my turn, I asked the guy to spin me. He asked me "do you want fast, medium, or slow?", of course because I am crazy, I said "fast.", he said "Are you sure? Okay, I warn you, this is gonna be fast. Hold on." and yes indeed it was super fast! Like no kidding, I can't even see the view very clear and my hat fell back to my hoodie. I can't really describe how crazy and fun it is, but that ride was my highlight of the day. My bro didn't want the staff to spin him tho.

So this is how I summed all of my ride:
First & second ride - express lane - three of us (me, mom, my bro) went down together
Third ride - super lane - three of us went down together
Fourth ride - super lane - my bro and I went down together
Fourth ride - express lane - my bro and I went down alone, I asked the guy to spin me
Fifth ride/last ride - super lane - my bro and I went down alone, I asked the guy to spin me "fast.".
You can see the snow tubing place in the last 2 photos.

It was super fun, that's all I can say! :)

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