Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolutions for 2013

I know... When you see my title you'll be like "oh here we go again, the new year resolution, the ones that people say they're going to do this and that but end up not doing anything because they forget their resolutions" x))
For me, I don't really make resolutions every year, usually when I was in my Elementary School, my teacher(s) told students to make resolutions...but you know how it end up, when someone someone forces you to do something but you don't feel like doing it. So I basically just write all those crappy normal stuffs that a lot of people usually write (e.g: be hardworker, obedient, yaddi yaddi yadda..).
Why I wanna make one this year? I don't know, I guess I hope it will make me more focus on things. (I have problem to focus on things guys, I love to multitasking & do everything in one time but so hard to focus, don't judge me!! :p)

So here we go! My Resolutions for 2013:
1. Have my license.
Yes, it's a shame that I'm sixteen, will turn to seventeen in 5 months, but I don't have my permit yet. But that's not why the reason I want my permit. The real reason is because...I can't rely or depent to my mom or my brother all the time. I know there will be one time, I need to drive to go to somewhere on my own. Because sometimes, taking the tank bus or walking is not always an option.
2. Never Give Up.
It's pretty cliche, I know. But this is a must for me. Once I give up, I will regret it for a long time. Besides, I don't usually give up on things and I wanna keep it that way.
3. Be organized with my planner and my decorated calender.
4. Play tennis for my school.
5. Play soccer for my school.
IF I don't go to Indonesia next summer, then this is what I'm gonna do. :) There is 80% chance that I'm not going to Indonesia next summer..
6. Save more, spend less. Don't be such a spender.
7. Be better inside, outside, and also for everything that I'm currently doing. Be nicer to people. Always be postive, less negative. Be (more) happy and grateful.
8. Always have a job.
9. Learn to play a new instrument.
10. Travel somewhere outside of state (even better if outside of country!!).. You have no idea how boring it is to stay in Kentucky for more than a year. Ugh. :(
11. Own a film camera and polaroid camera. 
12. Buy a new laptop. I really want a macbook, but I'm not sure if my own money is gonna be enough...I probably will buy it on Black Friday tho if I wanna buy macbook.
13. Keep posting on my blog!
14. Meet my dad!!! :)
My dad is coming on January 17th!!! I'm so happy and excited!!! Can't wait! :) It's been one & half year, I haven't met my dad..
15. Read more books.
16. Be better at school & at my work!
17. Improve my spanish! ;)
18. Optional: Get my letterman jacket, I hope. 

Btw my family spend New Year Eve like a super normal day: watch movie, stay up late, use laptop, eat, and sleep. We were about to go out, but I guess laziness is in our blood... (just kidding!). I don't know what happened in 2012, but somehow we spend our Christmas & NYE like a normal day. We still have our holiday spirit, but it just happens this way. Anyway, I'm tottaly okay with it!

I'm so grateful with everything I've been through in 2012, I know that I'm growing and learning in the same time in 2012 eventho there were those painful times, sad times, unhappy times, but I'm still grateful for those bitter sweet happy moments. I promise myself I will blog more, so I will always keep updated with everything that happened to my life.

Cheers! Happy New Year 2013! Let's kick our ass to the top and live to the fullest! ;)

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