Monday, June 3, 2013

Birthday Tradition?

Okay... It's been awhile that I haven't posted anything in here! I really want to post again since awhile ago but never get a chance to do it.. So here we go, what's been happening lately!
I cut my hair! Yeaaaay! :) I used to have a really long hair but I cut it last year and I loved it! So this year, I cut my hair again and I'm still loving it. I'm thinking to make it as a birthday tradition, to cut my hair in every single birthday year and donate it. (Oh yes, I cut my hair last year & this year on my birthday)

How long my hair was back in early summer of 2012

 When I cut it last year!
How much hair I donate last year

 My new hair cut!
How much hair I donate for locks of love

I'm thinking to get pixie hair (like Anne Hathaway or Emma Watson 's hair) next year! We'll see!
Some people think that my hair makes me look more "mature" and some people actually love it because my hair looks adorable :"> Lots of people around me asked why I wanna cut my hair that short, which I usually answer "because I just want to." because to be honest, I have no reason, I just wanna do it. I think I need to be able to let go of things in order to receive something better. Right? I cleaned my closet days ago and I decided pretty quickly which ones I wanna keep and which ones I wanna give it away. Then the next day, I bought more colored pants (Seriously, colored pants are fun to wear!), shoes, and received a gift of clothes from my brother's girlfriend (such a sweetheart!). So yeah, that's that! :)

Btw I'm loving the new single of Miley Cyrus, this song is on multiple repeats right now and I really can't stop playing this music! (pun intended) I've always been a fans of hers since I was little. Check it out, her new single "We Can't Stop" here.

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