Monday, June 17, 2013

Figure It Out

So I kinda sort it out my personal problem(s) this morning ;p Ahhh, I'm soooo happy! God is good & life is good (+ he is good)! :D

Btw, I need to figure out what I'm going to talk about for tomorrow's speech.. I'm thinking to talk about my vocation when I was little (Bali? Singapore? Malaysia? HK?). I looked through my 2011 photos and I stumble upon many memorable photos when I was in middle school. Makes me miss everyone! :">
Anyway, here are my polaroid photos in my last week of my junior year! I don't have a scanner yet (it was in my rent house in Indonesia), so I took the pictures with old fashioned way.. :D
Ah I really need to pass my college class.. I got a B in my mid exam, I only read through once and I read it again twice in my class right before the test. So basically, it's my fault that I'm too lazy to study heheheh. I better do the extra credit and do a good speech tomorrow! *finger crossed*. Before I forget to mention, for extra credit I have to go to art gallery and write one page of reaction (my lecturer is a photographer). I went there and all of the photos there are so beautiful (I didn't take pictures, but I took notes heheh) and makes me want to do some art project like I used to. I'm not an art expert, but I love to explore & adore art. Maybe next time, I will do some art project if I have time & I have the idea... :)

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