Friday, June 28, 2013

Five of Six

Time flies so fast... I could remember the first time I have to speak in front of public, I was so nervous. Now, I kinda get used to it even though there's still that nervous feeling. Anyway, I did my speech today to persuade people to learn a new language (yeah!!!!). It went under time :( but my teacher told me at the end of the class when I met him, "Good job!", so I guess it was not too bad. My class was funny too. I couldn't stop laughing when the guy in my class did a speech to persuade people to pick up girls in a bar by his ways.. :)) It was too funny that I almost cried *seriously*

I ran 2.5 miles yesterday & I ran 3 miles today. No slow jogging, no walking. So proud of myself! :) 

Little simple things that made me happy today at work:
- A customer said "Thank you, Mary" (he actually looked at my name tag & it didn't happen too often heheh.)
- A customer gave me a compliment of my "Barong" shirt from Bali. We talked for awhile. He actually knew about Bali, because of his family members kind of live around the world (Mexico, Bangkok, somewhere in Europe, etc). I love it when I met interesting people, I just want to talk to them for at least 5 minutes.. *too bad I'm working lol*
- Free M&M cookies from my manager to the employees.
- Met 2 different people from my school. We never talked much, we just saw each other at class. But they remember what class we had, even though I totally forget what it was. :D
- A little kid said to me, "Bye, I love you!" :)) I'm not into kids so much, but sometimes I found them really cute when they don't act annoying or cry a lot :))
- Double rainbow! I just saw it for awhile but couldn't take a picture of it because I was the cashier. My mom took a picture of it from where she worked.
- Free cupcakes from Gigi's cupcakes. A girl just came in and told me that they had leftovers and the cupcakes were still new, so they just gave it to us for free.. :D

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Dreamy Princess said...

OMG! What a vivid double rainbow!! Lucky youu..

I rarely see rainbow with my own eyes, and I have never seen double rainbow. Woww..

Dreamy Princess