Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Four of Six

I just remember that I can blog from my phone... So here we go.
I did my persuasive speech yesterday! I chose a topic to persuade people to adopt a pet. I just found out my grade of that speech today, I was happy of it because finally the grade is higher than my last two informative speech... :') Mary is happy! Anyway, my college class will be over next week. It makes me sad somehow because as weird as it can be, I actually like that class.

By the way:
- I have some photos from Carew Tower Cincinnati and bits of Cincinnati that I will upload soon.
- just listen to Kings of Convenience songs and they were so good! I listen to "I'd Rather Dance With You" for the first time and I immediately clicked "star" on my Spotify playlist. Then the other song "Know-How" was so good from the beginning & I just found out it was by KofC also. Those songs were from 2004....oh my gosh, where have I been this time? :)) better late that never thou, right?
- I ran 2 miles (3.2 km) without walking/jogging yesterday & today! Yeayyy!
- I just bake cookies with my mom... Can't you believe it that I bake?!! Haha I can't either...but I really did! :)


Tasya Anggitta said...

King of Convenience is da bomb!" I'd rather dance with you" is my favorite, and I like "Misread" too!

Mary Andrikus said...

It's too bad that I just listen to it now (I mean, c'mon it's 2013, and they exist since forever ago lol). Anyway "Mrs. Cold" is my new favorite now! :) basically, all of the songs just THAT good and it's hard to pick favorites...