Monday, June 17, 2013

Rockie Monster

I have few things that I have to finish for my college class, but it's hard to focus on those things in this weekend.. I think I've been too "busy" to deal with my personal life and feelings, heheh.. I never good at feelings. Hope I will figure out everything really soon! :)

Anyway, I took a walk with Rockie, my family's friend's dog (so my family has a friend and that friend has a dog, get it?) to a park today with my mom and brother. I met a cute pomeranian dog, she's such a cutie. I think Shiba (the name of the pomeranian dog) is cuter than Rockie :)) Ah, I really want to have a dog when I'm ready to have one. (Having a dog is a lot of responsibility...)

It's 1:40 AM and I really need to study for my mid exam and prepare for the third speech on Tuesday. Guess, I will sleep really late tonight... (screw you, feelings!) :))

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