Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Vibe

I ran three miles today... Yeay! Well it's not actually run "run", because I kinda jog in the middle of my run, but overall I was running anyway... ;p

I went to Half Price Books and bought myself a headphone! I have a lot of earphones, I think I'm going to give a headphone a try heheh... I was going to buy the wall clock but I decided to buy it later if I still want it.

Btw I'm so excited to know that Instagram is able to take a video now. Yeayness! This is my second video using Instagram but I did not post it because I closed the app too fast and I couldn't upload it from my gallery (so it has to be one take shot) :( The quality is kind of bad if I upload it here, but it is really not if I watch it from my phone. (check my first instagram video here

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