Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Three of Six

I did my third speech today! Yeayy! I talked about Bali since Bali is always one of my favorite topic heheh.. My class cracked me up today! I can't write the whole story of what happened because I don't think it's appropriate enough (because when I told the story to my mom and my brother, they were like "Your teacher let him do that?!" :D ). I guess one of the good things about college is, there is no (or less) censor than High School ;p I really can't wait to go to college if all my college classes will be like this.
After the class, my teacher said something like "Ah things that you get from speech class... You never think you will listen to all of this, right? Hahahaha, I had so much fun today." Well, me too! :D

Btw sometimes I miss sharing my stories with someone.. You know, sharing stories like how was my day, how was my work, how was my class, and other that kind of things. Someone used to ask me those things and will to sacrifise (his/her) time just to call me without me asking to call first. But I guess, it just happened when the person is curious about me, not really care whatsoever. Oh well, what happened in the past will never happened again, right? Heheheh...

Good night from Kentucky time zone! :)

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