Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bad Day + Good Night

Uwaah.. So tired! I had a good night today but not really a good day. After work, I planned to meet with my friend & watch a movie after with my another friend, but it all got cancelled. I'm usually a person who just go with the flow and stick to the plan, but once the plan had been changed, there's no way I'll be around to stick to the plan anymore because I'm too lazy to argue or talk about the plan B (it's either we go for the original plan or nada). It's alright though, it got cancelled for an acceptable reason. Then, I shop & spend my money on things that I don't need (I tend to do this whenever I'm upset on something), which I will return half of the stuff back to the store tomorrow...
Got home by 6 PM & called Karen for around 40 minutes. I miss her, I haven't talked to her since school's over. Phone calls are different from text and I prefer phone calls better. Then I called Sarah for around 5 mins. After that, I got ready to attend an Indonesian Gathering in Ohio (the event is actually called "buka puasa" in Bahasa, it has to do with fasting).

My bro and I picked up my mom at work. My mom's boss was so funny, she was surprised to see me after 2 months she hadn't seen me. She told me I looked different & she wondered why I don't have a boyfriend yet (this made me laugh hahahaha :D). She told me I look "cantik" and "bonita" (english word: pretty. She's malaysian so she knows Bahasa & her employee is Mexican, so that explains it), that just made me laugh :p

The Indonesian gathering was lovely. I had fun. Maybe because I like to talk even though I'm shy at first, ha! When I came in, some of the people stared at me because they haven't seen me in short hair. I met a new friend too! Her name is Via, she's so pretty and lovely! I had a good time tonight. Yay! :)

Gotta sleep because I have to wake up in the morning. 8 hours work shift on Sunday. Huff, I can do this.. *pat myself*. I will continue post my NY trip when I have a chance to use the laptop. As you can see *or not*, I'm using my cellphone to post this hehehe...

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