Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New York Day 1

Hey hey!! I am sooo late about this, I already knew that Google Reader was shut down but I didn't do anything about it. So, I finally sign up for bloglovin and it's a useful website/app. I don't think you need to have a blog to make the account, you basically just sign up and you add the blogs you want to read. You don't need to open the blog website anymore when every time you want to read it, just open the app and voila! Anyway, for those of you who follow my blog through Google reader, you can follow me in bloglovin now! (if you want to) :D

Here are the pictures from my New York trip in day 1! We arrived in the afternoon and tante Juli picked us up at the bus terminal. She was the one who told us how to get to our hotel by subway (the NY subway was nothing compare to Singapore subway. Singapore subway is cleaner and neater).

We went to 2.5-3 hours cruise in Manhattan after we put our luggage and our stuffs in hotel (Our hotel is located in Queens). We were almost late because we need to go to the place where they print the tickets (I ordered it online) and the place between the cruise & the ticket place was kinda far. so we walked-walked fast-kinda run-run 13 blocks in 15 minutes.. I feel like one of those people in Amazing Race.. :))

After that, we took a bus from the Cruise place to the city. The bus was soooo crowded and stopped a lot because of traffic & the people (it was rush hour, duh bad timing) but we rather take the bus rather than walking. Oh FYI, if you already buy the subway card, you can use it also for bus!

....the famous Colombus Circle near the Central Park :D

My highlight of that day, of course... the Chicken Satay!!! :)) (oh, that's me "instagramming" my food, lol)

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