Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Six of Six & Fireworks

Just for the sake of my college's post, I'll finish the post about it till the end... ;p
So my last day was on July 5th and at the end I got an A for that class! Yeay! My finals, which I only studied for 20 minutes (lol), got 100! Heheh I guess that just made my day even more.. My public speaking class is one of the best class I've ever had, I just love that class. Awesome people. Awesome lecturer. Just, awesome class with a lot of diversity. I had a blast and no regret for taking that class in summer! :)

Anyway, my 4th of July day was kinda sucks... It was raining all day loooong! I didn't mind thou because I was working, but I wanted to watch the fireworks at night which I couldn't because of the rain.
Anyhoo, there was a firework at night on July 3rd and I watched it with my mom. Here are the photos!!

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birdsandoxfords said...

I love it when i study for 5 mins yet get a great grade haha lovely pics and blog girlie!
-Deana, from Birds&Oxfords