Monday, August 5, 2013

New York Day 3

Finally, I continue my New York post heheh.. I've been out couple of days last week because I got 5 days shift in a week, but now this week I only get 3 days a week. I guess I need some days for my me-time.. :)

First in the morning, I went to Bronx to visit Bronx Zoo.. It's funny that my brother and I wear similar t-shirt, we didn't even planned it. So after he got out of shower, I took a shower and when I came out, we realized we wore a similar shirt. :))

It's a bummer that most of the animals in Bronx Zoo were sleeping.. I think I came in a wrong day when a lot of school kids/group kids had a study tour or something.

Then off we go to the famous Grand Central Terminal :D
Notice the clock in the middle? I saw it a lot in movies.. the terminal was crowded of people who take pictures and make videos. Yay for tourist!! :))

After that, we went to Lower Manhattan. This is where I fell in love with New York, because of the park!!! I love the park so much, it made me want to live in the city and whenever I feel tired or bored, I will go to this park, just like that. I like how a lot of people actually visited this park. Some people jog/run, some people just lay on the grass, some people eat in a restaurant near the park, some people fishing, etc. So, there's definitely a life in here. :D (I like this kind of park better rather than the quite ones..)

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