Friday, September 13, 2013

A Cupcake Girl

Customer: You know what, every time I see you, you always remind me of a cupcake girl.
Me: Hahahaha what?? why?
Customer: Do you remember when you eat a cupcake from...what is it called?
Me: Gigi's cupcake?
Customer: Yeah! I saw you eat the cupcake and every time I see you, I always remember you with the cupcake.
Me: Omg, you saw that? and you still remember that? :D
Customer: Yess!! Hahaha, thank you btw!
Me: Okay, thank you!

(story behind this: my work got free cupcakes from the cupcake store, when I was done working, I ate the cupcake while wander around, I remember that we talked for awhile with me eating the cupcake, but I can't believe she still remember that.)

Ah, one of the little things that make me happy... :)

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