Sunday, September 1, 2013


Taraaaa! Omg I've been gone for so long,  I didn't even finish my New York post. Anyway....
• I'm back to school for now and I'm pretty excited to finish my senior year with a bam! (What is "bam"? I don't know, but let's just go along...) I have a lot of things that I need to accomplish with me being of procrastinator God, I just wish I can stay focus. 

• I just realized I'm an impulsive shopper. Seriously, as I tried to clean up my closet, I found a lot of clothes that I even forget that I have it. I even found a tank top still with the price ticket on it! I need to stop buying things just because they're cheap.

• I found an empty cute notebook. (The reason why I bought it? Because I'm an impulsive shopper). I'm just gonna fill it out with random stuff. Speaking of books, do you know that I still need to finish my "summer" assignments for my second semester, to read 2 books and write an essay & make a book card? I haven't even started it yet. At least I read around 30 pages of one of 2 books. (Told ya, I am procrastinator.)

• I'm making an effort to clean up & decorate my room after 1 year & 9 months I've been living in it... It starts from putting some wall "arts" (it's basically my own made art, you don't even call it "art" since I'm completely amateur) and open the curtain in afternoon (I'm not a fan of bright & shiny bedroom, my mom told me that, that reflects how my soul is -> "unhappy"...whatever, I'm over it). Oh! And I have my own shoe racks! Yeay for baby steps.

• I like to read zodiac.... Gemini's right here!

• I love love love love stay up all night & listen to random indie music in my Spotify radio. I feel "me".

• I need to state this in here, that I like my job. I'm grateful that I work with friendly co-workers and managers.

• I'm obsessed with bullet point lists.

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