Friday, September 13, 2013

Fun Facts.

1. Katie Holmes graduated from Notre Dame Academy High School, which is the High School my parents wanted me to go at first (if we have the money, which we don't). Notre Dame is all-girls high school, so I don't think it will suit me very well. But still, I have little bit connection (it's not even a real "connection", M) with Holmes. Besides, we have similar hair cut ;p
2. Josh Hutcherson went to Ryle High School, which is one of Northern Kentucky HS. It takes around 20 minutes ride to go there. I heard that Ryle is my ultimate school's rival, but who cares. Anyway, he's from Kentucky! ;)

Kentucky is not so bad, right? Now I'm going to try to find more infos about celebrities who grow up or attend high school around Northern Kentucky. Tehee!

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