Sunday, September 15, 2013

Happy Hippi(e)ty

I don't know what happened but suddenly few of my Indonesian friends contacted me randomly! Especially those who never contact me or rarely contact me. Example:
  • Cindy uploaded our old times photo thru path account.
  • I "snapchat" with Audita all night.
  • When I talked to Greda, I got to talk to Seno as well.
  • Eci "whatsapp" me.
  • Felix gave me a compliment thru whatsapp chat.
  • Yoga suddenly chat me thru facebook. He gave me a compliment that actually made my day ;p
Ah I just want to hug all of them with love! Hehehehehe.
Today was one of those "rare" days because I wasn't working!! Wohoo, is it even possible "Mary is not working on Saturday/Sunday"? But yeah, I spend all day going from places to places. I bought a cute jumpsuit & Katy Perry perfume at my work (It's hard enough to work at retail department store because I always know what's new, what's on sale, what's in the back room, and all that it's so tempting to shop at my work). Drove around with Tante Ayu and my mom. Went for grocery shopping. Went to Orange Leaf for Frozen Yogurt. Then I went home and arrived at 8 PM, overslept until 9:30 PM, did my homework after that.... (I wish my teachers know that I hate homework weekends & I always do it on Sunday almost midnight or Monday early morning).

top to bottom: my skirt, my pattern bag, sky, cute Katy Perry perfume

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Sarman P.Sagala said...

u look so beautiful, keep share ya..
ditungggu kunjungannya
Salam dari Saya