Sunday, September 22, 2013

Jump Like There's No Tomorrow

Planned to go to homecoming with my friend, but I cancelled it because of miscommunication problem...anyway, instead of going to homecoming, I went to my friend's housewarming party. We never actually talk, we met two years ago in Asian Food Festival and I add his facebook from a mutual friend.The housewarming was so fun! I met some new friends there... I'm glad that I came, because my friend told me that the homecoming was boring and the DJ sucked :))
Here are some pictures that were taken by Steven (photo credit to Steven K) :

^^^ Gotta admit, the trampoline is amazing!! I think most of us just hang out on the trampoline for hours. There were four people were in the trampoline before me, my brother, & Xia went there; I thought "why would those people jump around for hours", now I understand why. Trampoline is awesome. Basically we just jump, sit & talk, jump & laugh, lay down & look at the stars, talk again. Trampoline is fun!  ^^^

^^^ all of us were watching the Incredibles.. I wonder why there is no the Incredibles 2 already. Seriously, they should make one. The Incredibles is a good movie. ^^^

^^^ This seat is amazing!!! it has the button for massage. I could basically sit there for the whole day and live. Well, not really, I mean I gotta get out and work. As usual, me and my brother are the last guest of the house! ;) ^^^

Sometimes, I feel I really can't wait for college. I guess, the cliche of high school doesn't work for me anymore. You know, where there are "that" cool crowd (cheerleaders, football guys, etc), geek crowd, normal crowd, and invisible crowd. I don't know, it just I want to get out of it. Not I'm saying that "I hate high school & I'm not gonna miss it" because I like my high school, but it just the cliche doesn't work for me anymore. Oh well, I'm still a teenager, what do I know? Hehehehe.

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