Thursday, September 5, 2013

Maybe Trained Monkey Are Smarter Than Us

I miss the moments when technology doesn't rule the world as is right now. How we don't keep holding our phones while we socialize with people. How we ring the bell, instead of to text/chat if we're outside their doors. How we just go straight to their house when we want to talk. How we prefer talk face to face and now everything's replaced by chatting app. How we text only if it's important. How we feel free without checking our social apps per hour. How we spend most our money to pay phone bills that use a data plan (internet). How we're smarter than our smartphones. How we still sending letters and pictures. How "cheating" (as in relationship context) is hard to do, since it's harder to hide or sneak out (you know that people tend to cheat more through their chatting apps?). How people date by face to face, not by the lame chatting and all that gooey-oh-so-(not)-romantic words. Seriously, why girls tend to like those boys through texting/chatting? How human contact is more important. How email is important and we can tell our stories with paragraphs, not per sentence like chatting.

You might call me hypocrite, because as for myself, I'm still using my iPhone*. But I still like to write and receive letters & postcards. I like to type emails. I like to make a phone call rather than to text/chat. I'm just tired of our *too* advanced technology that get in a way of how we socialize now. I don't mind if technology used for business purposes, emergency, or to catch up with friends/family that far away in somewhere land. But now? Does it seem too much? Or is just me? Maybe, I am (kinda) old fashioned. Maybe. But, whatever.

*I was going to change my iPhone to the phone that can only text & call (for cheaper phone bill purposes), but then I just found out I can use the go-phone plan with my iPhone. So basically, I have unlimited text & I can call for 250 minutes but I can't use internet except if there's a wifi.


Tasya Anggitta said...

no, it isn't just you. I am sick of people that always use their cellphones everywhere. Well it's not really happening in states. You should try to experience "that" in Indonesia. Even my family uses their cellphones when it's our "family time"! And I kinda don't want to do it, but well, everybody does that. I do that as well -_______-

Mary Andrikus said...

I don't regret changing my data plan until now, I don't need to worry and check my cellphone every time I'm outside :D the only time I'm focused on digital world when I'm in home which I think is fine and okay.
So if you don't wanna be to attached to your cellphone and have more quality time, I think you can change the way you use your cell if you want to. :)