Friday, October 25, 2013

"Deng Deng Goreng"

This is a night post of me when I'm nervous of tomorrow... I will take the ACT test again and this time I really really want to get a better score. I'm always one of those people who don't study that much and just open the book the night before the test. So when I did the practice in the last 2 days, I feel more nervous, maybe because I prepare myself more than before? (But still, 2 days are not enough, M). I promise myself I will take more practice tests to prepare for the December ACT test one! (Yes, I'm gonn take it again, the December one is my last chance to get the score that I want).

Btw, I kinda want to shave my head half cut, but I kinda not want to. To shave my head or to have a pixie hair cut is one of the things I want to do but so afraid to do it. This what I would probably look like if I shave my head half cut... I look like one of those "cool" kids, not childish anymore. :))

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