Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hello Menchies

Went to Menchie's today with tante Ayu - mom - Thom and I feel that this place is made for me!! I love it so much, the place is sooo cute. I just made an account for my Menchie's rewards card because I'm pretty sure I will come back. Few of my favorite thing of this place are, they have a chalkboard that people can write on it, they have these free stuffs of stickers and this paper figure that you can stick your stickers on it, and they have a transparent spoon that can change color (say what now?) !!! This place just fulfilled my childish side of me :p Thanks to tante Ayu who treated me Menchie's froyo, cook me the Indonesian meal, bought me cookies & chesters (the knock-off of cheetos), and just for being super nice :)

^^^ Top to bottom: 1. I forget the name of this food in Indonesian... / 2. My froyo!! / 3. The top of the Menchie's beanie looks like the top of ice cream / 4. My face with stickers!! :) ^^^
^^^ Before and after I decorated my Menchie's figure with stickers! ^^^

Happy Mary is happy!

Btw this video of me when I was at Walmart... ;p (I upload it with keek, hope it works out)


dunia kecil indi said...

is that mie ayam? :D

Yulia Rahmawati said...

Cuteness overload here <3

Mary Andrikus said...

Oh yes!!! That's the name of it! :D

Mary Andrikus said...

Ehehehehe thank you :)