Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Before Thanksgiving

The fact that it's snowing and I can start listening to She & Him 's christmas album make me happy!! :) Don't get me wrong, I prefer live in the beach with sunshine and sunglasses on all the time but I still like it if it's snowing because I think it's pretty (for the first week of course, duh.)
All I want to finish before my winter break is my summer assignments – oh yes, it's a summer assignments but I haven't done it so I can chill later on with hot drinks, books, or movies. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving day so I probably gonna go to my family's friend's house to celebrate it as usual.. I don't really celebrate Thanksgiving because I was raised in Indonesia and we don't celebrate it there, but I don't mind the day where we can gather as a family and nobody judge you if you eat too much.. :))
Hope everyone has a great thanksgiving week!

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