Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Day

My christmas day was so much fun! I went to my family's friend's house, tante Indri, with my mom & my brother. Tante Ayu was there also. They don't celebrate christmas but they were there to celebrate my mom's birthday (isn't it cool that my mom's bday on christmas?). I met a new friend, Gilang, who speaks Indonesian fluently and about the same age as me. Do you know how long I wanna be friends with Indonesian who speak Indonesian fluently and the same age as me? I mean, c'mon people, Kentucky is not that bad. Come here & visit me... ;) (actually Gilang lives in Indiana, so maybe Kentucky is not 'that' attractive to Indonesian. Hiks.)
First we ate a lot of food and they were mucho delicioso. 
Then out of random, we decided to go ice skating. It was so much fun. I forgot how to skate for awhile since I haven't skated for 2 years but then I get the hang on it.
We skated for hours, then I get to one point when I'm getting bored because I haven't fell down yet. So I did different things with Gilang, on purpose to make me (& him) fall. I fell down like three times because I squat down like in the video. Then I fell down really hard when I tried to race Gilang. I was that crazy chick with pink pants, beware people. :p
Oh and btw it snowed a little bit today! :D  

Have a very merry christmas. Hope your last month of 2013 is enjoyable as well. :)

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sara josephine - sartob said...

you look like having tons of fun, eh? such a memorable Christmas day :")