Saturday, December 14, 2013

December Daily 2 x 6

The fact that I actually re-style my blog just because I have time now and it feels great. ;) I just did my ACT test and I assured you that, that ACT is my last one. No more ACT. I'm gonna write an essay instead for my college's scholarship if I don't get in with my ACT score (but mind over matter first, right?). Anyway, this blog's layout took around 3-4 hours. Whoa, finally I'm dedicated to do something that I actually don't mind doing it.
Oh and one more thing! The fact that I get exempted from finals is just a "wohoo" for me (so they allow me to not take finals) :D 


Btw here it is, my December Daily post!

12/07: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! It feels that it's snowing all the time in Kentucky and I'm not even complaining. One of the best day is when I have snow day & I don't need to work.;)

12/08: I like the idea of a wishing/giving tree. Where I was raised (Indonesia), I don't think they do this kind of stuff there. So basically some people put what these children in needs, want for christmas. These people write it on the angel/tree/whatever figure and stick it on the christmas tree. Then, anyone can pick it up, buy it, and leave it where it tells you to leave it before the due date. I took around four already. :D

12/09: Welcome to my room and my mess.... ;p Those bags are actually my christmas shopping! But christmas shopping or not, my room is a mess so...

12/10: It's about time I start to read Till We Have Faces. Seriously, I'm the God of procrastinator. This is part of my summer assignments reading and I think I'm on page 4. Don't worry, I'm getting there...

12/11: All my christmas gifts for people! I bought a lot of stuff and I'm not een complaining, just cuz I love those people!

12/12: Hang out with Tante Ayu -> Menchie's frozen yogurt and chipotle. I tried chipotle twice and I think it was okay. I'm not 'addicted' to it (yet). I know, I know, judge me all the way you want..

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