Wednesday, December 25, 2013

December Daily 3 x 8

I'm so involved with society until I can't post my December Daily post... just kidding. I'm not that extrovert. Anyway, instead of 6, I decide to post 8 instead. Just cuz I'm a rebel. ;)

12/13: Props to Mary that actually try to study for the ACT the night before. Yeah right, good luck with that. Anyway, I saw this cool christmas tree made by books at Kenton Library.

12/14: Hang out with my friend, Siria, that I haven't seen for a loooong time (she moved out from my school when I was a junior). We went to the mall (ugh, hate the mall!) and then Waffle House. As much as I love Waffle House, the waffle that I ate that night was just....ugh. I think they had a bad night or hate me or something, because it was just too much chocolate chip on my waffle. Nonetheless, Waffle House still has a special place in my heart. ;)

12/15: I feel so hippie. Like in a jungle. But I didn't really go out with the headband thou, I actually changed it to my beanie because of the weather, so...

12/16: Got a postcard from my friend, Jessie! :) She send it with postagram and I think I want to give it a try sometime. I just don't know who should I send it to...

12/17: I don't know what's gotten to me when I edited this. I think I kinda remember it. It was me and Beth who edited it because we were bored at our class. And I remember I said something like "Ooooh, my kitty got a bling bling!" (I said a lot of random stuff all the time. Don't hang out too much with me.) ;p

12/18: Karen and I look kinda matched on that day. Karen told me that we wore colored pants that look like a watermelon...

12/19: I gotta say that the last two days of school is just useless for me. All I need to take is just my AP Cal finals and that's it. I took it for about 30 mins and waited until people finished, then I talked the whole block with Karen. I didn't need to take my Personal Finance finals either, so I just chill out with Beth the whole block. It was a fun day for me because I don't need to do anything. ;)

12/20: This is the day when I don't get why I go to school... I didn't do anything at all in any of the block. Don't need to take the finals because I'm too cute (jk!). I talked to Elizabeth (left photo) in second block and Nikki (right photo) in fourth block. All day long. People must be equally insane or just being nice to me when they can put up with me for 3 hours long. ;D

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