Monday, December 30, 2013

December Daily 4 x 6

I feel so sick today so I went home early from work.. :( And I remember that I haven'd done my December Daily. So here we go...

12/21: I am so thankful that all my close friends gave me these christmas presents. I love them all. They just...get me. I mean, Jason Mraz + cookies + chocolate + starbucks + nail polish + mug (i'm planning to buy one but never get the chance to) ?! These people just get me, I'm impressed. :>

12/22:  Double breakfast just because I'm hungry. I'm just a kind of person who can't stand diet. I mean, look at these foods. They just taste better than diet. ;)

12/23:  My nails are just too cute to be true. :> I got those nail stickers from my bestfriend in Indonesia, Nadya. Ooh, I went to mall that day with Karen and met my other friends there. And I still hate the mall. ;p
12/24: It's Christmas eve! I think I remember that I watched some Christmas movies on that day. And like one of those lazy people, I didn't do anything on that day except to work.

12/25: Spend my christmas day ice skating in Cincinnati. Can we just admire how beautiful this giant tree is? :>

12/26: Went to Mary K's house after work and we all ate in Steak N Shake that night. This fireplace kept me warm when I was shivering like crazy.

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