Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Daily 5 x 5

Finally I come to my last December Daily post! What a commitment right there.. :))

12/27: Went to tante Mei Mei's some-kind-of-gathering-party that is last minute planned and I dressed up like this. Like, what kind of outfit is that? Ha! I literally just pick outfits that I like to wear even though it doesn't make sense sometimes. Yolo.

12/28: Went to Tante Ayu's condo and ate Indonesian food with other people. It was good! I was gonna eat Indonesian Meatball ("bakso") but I was full just by this one meal. I get full so easy.

12/29: I don't think I take any pictures in that day except this selfie that I send to him. So just deal with me. Sorry for acting all so lovey dovey in these past days. ;)

10/30: Oh yea, another selfie. It's another selfie that I send to him, so uhm I just put the bike picture on my face - just in case my face actually bother you who see it... Anyway, I felt so sick in that day. So, black and white it is.

10/31: Still feel sick on New Years Eve :( I was gonna go out with Sarah, but nope, my body just doesn't want me to go out. So I spend my nye day doing my book card. Yeay, so much fun. I'm not even halfway done. Okay, gotta go doing my book card again. Baa!

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