Friday, December 6, 2013

First 6 December Daily

Here I am, doing my own promise to make a December Daily photo like what they do (I think I promised this in my previous post). All photos were edited by A Beautiful Mess app. I love the app so much, no regret on purchasing them.

12/01: Had a Starbucks date with my mom. My mom basically told me that I should stop reading depressing book because it can affect me (shout out to The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath). But whatever, that book is on "my favorite" book list. :)) 

12/02: No teacher in third block. Hello sub teacher who let us do whatever we want. Bethany and I edit this photo together. Aren't we cute?

12/03: My cat let me to cuddle with her for half an hour (aww i'm in tears of happiness here). I adopted her last year and I know she had a trust issue. So it really made me happy when she let me hold her like that because she usually scared all the time. She's a precious.

12/04: A christmas tree at the break room in my work place! I'm actually in one of those days when I just hate to work. Not in the mood at all. I hope I get out of this kinda mood soon enough, because they sure need me to work a lot in this christmas season.

12/05: My mom lend her debit card to buy me starbucks while I wait for my time to go to work (the starbucks place is 2 stores away from my work place). This is actually a starbucks store inside of a book store and I like more in here rather than the real starbucks place. I mean, look at the art.
Oh, btw I overheard people were talking next to me. He said something like this, "I don't know, I mean some stuff that he (Stephen King) wrote...don't you think he got high when he wrote those stuff?" Uhmm, okay, interesting.

12/06: Yeay to snow day! No school! It was really bad outside but it was pretty at the same time. I was supposed to hang out with tante Ayu but it got cancelled. Oh well. My mom didn't need to work at the restaurant and my brother didn't need to work at library. It's really rare that we actually spend time together at apartment on weekday because we're (trying to be) crazy busy. I literally spend 15 minutes to decide what movie we're gonna watch from Netflix since the options are limited (my decisions were from Eight Below, Air Buddies, Home Alone, and other "snow-y" & "Christmas-y" movie) and we ended up watching The Legend Is BornIp Man. :)

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