Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Stickers Are Fun.

Guess what who have another snow day today.... this girl! Hehehehe, I already have a snow day twice and I'm not complaining. Life is good. Can I just have a snow day the whole week then come back to school on finals week, but this time I'm not gonna take the finals because I get exempt because of my cuteness (JK, it's because of my writing test actually). Can I just do that please. :>

Btw since I have nothing to do (wrong. I have a lot to do, but it's school related so I'm just being a procrastinator right now), I was going to post some pictures but my brother took the laptop. So this is the only thing I get done today, besides breakfast and watch Hannah Montana: Play with stickers!!! :D

My kind of conversation:
Me: *dance around* Oh my God, I should make a snow day dance! So whenever it's a snow day, I will dance it out!
My brother: what? 
Me: I'm gonna youtube it to find an inspiration for my dance moves. You'll see.

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